decorative window film.

add privacy or style to any window in your home or office - block light or simply block vision.

The following are general frequently asked questions on Specialty & Graphic films.


What are specialty films?
Specialty films, which are also known as decorative films, graphic films, designer films and frosted films, are for designer and privacy applications. Some films mimic acid etched or sandblasted glass (in white, grey and bronze colouring) while others block out light and the view (in white, black and silver).
DecoFilms are similar to specialty films but are pre-patterned. They are available in White Ribbon (thick or thin), Black Blocks and Ice Cubes.
Colour Graphic Films are available in five colours: Kelly Green, True Blue, Cherry Red, Fire Red and Sunburst Yellow.
 How are specialty and graphic films installed?
Specialty And Graphic Films are installed by professional dealers using a water and soap based solution. Specialty and Graphic films can be hand cut or can be cut by computer for patterns and logos to produce spectacular results. With or without the use of computers, company logos, sign writings and unique designs are only limited to your imagination.
Where and why are specialty and graphic films installed?
Specialty and Graphic films are ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light levels in both commercial and residential applications.
Commercial applications are found in banks, restaurants, health clubs, hotel foyers, conference rooms and office partitioning.
All over Canada offices and commercial buildings are dramatically increasing the use of internal glass walls as partitioning. This brings natural light into offices creating greater work productivity, as well as the illusion of more space while offering privacy.
Residential applications include solariums, bathrooms, entry doors and sidelights, etc..
Why specialty and graphic film?
Architects and designers have accepted the finished product enthusiastically. Decorative film is no longer seen as a problem-solving product; instead it has become an integral part of the design and construction processes. Many new building projects are specifying Sun-Gard Specialty and Graphic Film and DECOfilm film patterns. The film's theme normally continues throughout the office area and sometimes is personalized with a corporate logo or graphic.
Can specialty and graphic films be removed?
Yes. Unlike other decorative glass processes, Specialty and Graphic Films can be removed if desired. This of course is a huge advantage and most landlords do not object to their tenants' installation of film when they find out the product can be removed. 
Further, the cost of installing Specialty and Graphic Film on existing glass is low in comparison to other processes.